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New recordings and music for sale in the Music Store.... 

We've updated the Music Store page, and now have music for sale! We've been working on new recordings, we'll be making them available to fans as soon as we can.
Sign up for our mailing list to keep updated on new releases. For now, head over to the Music Store page - listen, buy, and keep checking back.

Find us at the Saint Paul Farmer's Market! 

Head to Saint Paul's Lowertown Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. You can find great stuff to buy, great coffee, bakery, AND get your live music & Brian and Sheralyn fix! We'll be moving around check for us on Wall Street between 4th and 5th (by Golden's Deli), and also over by Union Depot. It's old-school, busking and having a blast. Music to the people and the veggies! We'll be posting photos and stuff throughout the summer. Come on down!