We’re super excited to announce a House Concert with an exciting double bill. The Crow’s Delight (Brian & Sheralyn Barnes + James Dungan-Seaver on bass), will share the evening with a very special guest: Nashville’s award-winning songwriter, stellar vocalist (and Minneapolis native) Sally Barris. Friday, June 17th. Doors open at 7:00. Refreshments provided (as always). Suggested donation $15. 5612 Irving Ave S, Mpls Please RSVP to me (Brian) at info@brianbarnesmusic.com

Minnesota folks might remember Sally Barris (www.sallybarris.com), a Minnesota native renowned for her beautiful vocals with several acoustic and bluegrass groups in the area back in the late 1980s. In the early ‘90s Sally moved to Nashville. Her career has been, to say the least, successful. Her beautiful and haunting songs have been covered by a bunch of A-list stars. Sally is warm, funny, engaging. Her songs are funny and moving, sung with a voice as clear as pure water. Of course Sheralyn, James and I will be doing our great mix of acoustic covers, originals, euro sounds and some surprises. It’s a rare opportunity to catch Sally in an intimate house concert setting. You won’t want to miss it. See you there! Email with any questions, and go to www.sallybarris.com AND www.thecrowsdelight.com to hear Sally, and our latest too Best Brian & Sheralyn, The Crow's Delight